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M-Files 2015.3 SR2 is now available
Posted by Timo Lahti on 16 June 2017 03:12 PM


M-Files 2015.3 SR2 is now available at our website


M-Files 2015.3 SR2 (11.3.4330.196) is now available at


It contains an important fixes to the environments that use the extenal database connectors. 

For example, at earlier versions, in some situations this would have been causing incorrect states of an object in the vault database during optimization process. 


For more information of the fixes and improvements, please visit Release notes page. 


2017 M-Files Customer support team,


Added: 2017-06-16

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M-Color version 9.9.558.0 is now published.

It provides support for AutoCAD LT 2016 SP1 + hotfix 4.

As a background information, when a new AutoCAD LT SP or hotfix is published it usually requires updated LTX files for the M-Color plugin.

Thus, the old M-Color plugin is not loaded and cannot be used with a new SP or hotfix until we create a compatible new version with the latest LTX-files.


The new M-Color version can be found here:


Best regards, 

2017 M-Files Customer support team

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M-Color 9.9 has been released!
Posted by Timo Lahti on 05 July 2016 09:58 AM

M-Color 9.9 has been released


M-Color version 9.9.556.0 is now published and it provides support for AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD LT 2017.


Related Knowledgebase articles:


Upgrading from the previous versions requires a valid support subscription. 

  • For the subscription related matters, please contact our M-Color sales team:
  • For general upgrade related matters, please view our Knowledgebase first.

If you can't find the answer there, please contact the Customer Support team


2016 M-Files Customer support team,

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