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External Object Types' Login Options Explained (SQL)
Posted by Matti Kyllönen (M-Files) on 19 March 2018 03:37 PM

This article focuses on SQL. When connecting to an external SQL source to get Object Types, you need to specify the log-on credentials.

Please refer to the M-Files User Guide:

To clarify the login options:

Login settings


In step 2., there are two options:

a) Use Windows NT Integrated security

b) Use a specific username and password

In M-Files you can only use SQL login credentials, so the correct option is b). If you try to connect with Windows credentials, the connection will not work.

If you wish to use some other Windows credentials than "Local System" (which is the default), you need to select a) and then change the "Log On As"-account of mfserver.exe service to Windows credentials you wish to use.

(Windows search icon -> services.msc -> Find M-Files Server... -> Right mouse click on top of that -> Properties -> Log On -TAB -> Select This account -> fill in the Windows credentials).

After this the External object type integration will try to fetch the objects with given credentials.


 sql logins with extenal object type configuration.jpg (86.97 KB)
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