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Troubleshooting notification emails not being sent
Posted by Sakari Heinonen (M-Files) on 20 March 2018 02:03 PM

If you have mail notifications enabled, M-Files server sends assignment notifications using assignment owner's email address by default. Some SMTP mail servers (Office 365 mail servers for example) are configured not to accept connections where the sender's address does not match the address being used to send mail.

This might result to following symptoms:

  • Notifications stop working completely (some SMTP related errors should be seen in the event log in this case)
  • Notifications may be working otherwise, but assignment notifications are not sent
  • Notifications are working, but the links in assignment notifications may not be functional

To solve the problem, you can change M-Files server to use the address given in the M-Files Admin notification settings. From M-Files server version 19.3. onwards, the setting to change this behavior can be found in Advanced Vault Settings section of the M-Files Admin configurations editor. The setting is "New Assignment Sender From Settings", which should be set to "Yes" instead the default "No".

Advanced setting

On older versions of M-Files without Advanced Vault Settings, this server side registry setting should be set to change the behavior:

Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Motive\M-Files\<version>\Server\MFServer
Vaulue name:  NewAssignmentSenderFromSettings 
Value type: REG_DWORD (DWORD 32-bit Value)
Value data:  1=Sender (from) address for a "New assignment" notification is taken from Notification Settings (M-Files Admin)
   0 (default setting) = Sender (from) address for a "New assignment" notification is taken from the assignment owner

M-Files server service needs to be restarted after the setting has been deployed.

The setting was originally made available in M-Files version 11.0.4300.42 (M-Files 2015). If you need help with setting the registry value, please contact M-Files Support at or if you are registered user of M-Files support portal, use the "Submit ticket" button of the support portal page. To register, please follow these instructions:

More information about editing notification settings in M-Files Admin:

If the above was not helpful, here are some other troubleshooting guidelines for notifications:

  • Check M-Files Admin/Windows event logs for associated mail events and errors
  • Check the Outlook "Junk Mail" or other spam folders and create a rule to whitelist M-Files notifications
  • If you have customized server-level notification mail templates, please check that the property placeholders still have their associated property definitions. Missing definitions could prevent mail generation.
  • Check that your port settings are correct and that your firewall settings are correct. The default ports are 25 (without SSL), and 587 (with SSL). The most commonly used ports are 25, 465, and 587.
  • In some rare instances, sender's display name needs to be the same as sender's email address in M-Files Admin notification settings
  • Check that your server date settings are correct


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