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Displaying an external object's internal ID
Posted by Ville Karinen (M-Files) on 26 March 2018 10:21 AM

When you import objects from an external database, the ID on the object's metadata card displays the ID given to the objects by the external database. However, M-Files also assigns an internal ID to the external objects, just like it does for objects that are not imported from an external database. This internal ID is not shown on the external objects' metadata by default.

In certain cases (like scripting or various methods of import) you need to refer to the external objects by their IDs, and in these cases it is the internal ID that is needed instead of the external ID. To find out the internal IDs of external objects, you can create a property definition that shows the internal ID as a property value on the metadata card.

To create a property definition that shows the object's internal ID:
1. Create a new Text property definition. Let's call it "Internal ID".
2. Go to the property definition's "Automatic Values" tab and select "Simple concatenating of properties".
3. As concatenating value, enter %INTERNALID%.

When you add this property to any object's metadata card, the property will display the object's internal ID.

For more details about the various M-Files IDs, please refer to this page of the user guide:


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