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Backing up vault index data
Posted by Sakari Heinonen (M-Files) on 25 April 2018 07:37 PM

Vault index data is redundant data, it is not absolutely necessary to back it up as it can be rebuilt. However, especially in large vaults, loss of index data will result in a demanding indexing operation, during which full text searches from the data (metadata or file data) will not work until the indexing has finished.

Therefore it is recommended to take backups of this data from time to time, especially in larger vaults, so in case the data is lost, a full index rebuild is not necessary.

To backup this index data, the safest way is to stop the M-Files indexing service, and wait until all "mfindexer.exe" processes have disappeared from Task manager. When this has been done, the index data can be backed up, followed by staring the indexing service afterwards. In order to restore this data, stop the indexing service, restore the data and start the indexing service - indexing will then continue from the first document NOT yet indexed. However, please note that you should match this index to your backups, so that it is always older than the backup of your file data and metadata.

NOTE: this article only concerns using the default indexing method (dtSearch)

Last edited: April 25th, 2018

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