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Locking M-Files mobile app with a personal PIN code or a fingerprint
Posted by Sakari Heinonen (M-Files) on 27 April 2018 03:26 PM

M-Files 2015.3 introduced the ability to lock M-Files Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) with a personal PIN code. A fingerprint can be used if the device supports fingerprint identification. In this case, a PIN code is still required as a backup measure. This feature is useful in environments where shared devices might be used - this way you can make sure that unauthorized people cannot access M-Files vault data, though they can access a mobile device that has M-Files mobile app installed and vault connections configured on it.

PIN setting on mobile device

M-Files Admin can enforce the PIN code requirement on a vault level with M-Files Named Value Manager. You can get this application here: M-Files Named Value Manager

Use the following parameters to enforce the PIN code:

1. Select the source server and the vault.
2. Select the storage type MFConfigurationValue.
3. Type in the namespace M-Files.Core.Client.Settings.
4. Click the Add… button and give the newly added key a name, for instance pin.
5. Use the following syntax:

    "Security": {
         "PIN": {
             "RequirePINCode": true,
             "PINCodeMinutesValid": 42


"RequiredPINcode" value can be false or true. "false" means that a pin code is not required to open the vault. "true" value means that a PIN code is requested. If no PIN has been set on the app before, user is required to set one to access the vault.

"PINCodeMinutesValid" is the time in minutes that the user can wait outside the app before the PIN code is requested again when returning to the app. This setting will be used if the user settings are less restricive. If the value is set to 0, the PIN code is requested every time the app is opened or resumed. If no value is set, the user's own setting is used.

More information about using the M-Files Named Value Manager can be found here: Distributing Vault-Specific Registry Settings from M-Files Server

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