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Troubleshooting "The operation failed. File .bin not found" error with Firebird Database
Posted by Sakari Heinonen (M-Files) on 04 May 2018 02:50 PM

When copying, moving or backing up a vault, this error might be encountered in rare instances.

Error message .bin not found

To troubleshoot this problem, please check the antivirus software's quarantine storage for these files. In general, you should set the antivirus software of the server to _NOT_ interfere M-Files based folders at all, as this kind of issue could happen if it determines that some file contains, for example, a malicious email. However, for M-Files the server-side antivirus scans are more than harmful, as the software will in such cases automatically remove a file from the document vault folder, which will then break the structural integrity.

If those files are found from the anti-virus quarantine storage, release them and run Verify&Repair again to see if solves the problem

If the above step did not solve the problem:
Please exclude the M-Files related services from virus scanning. For more information, please check the following link 
You will then need to optimize the database during off-work hours. The optimization takes the vault offline, so you need to be sure to inform the users to not use the vault during downtime.

From the M-Files Server Administrator, right-click on the vault, and go to Maintenance> Optimize Database (Thorough).
After optimization, you will need to run Verify & Repair job on the vault. From the M-Files Server Administrator, right-click on the vault, and go to Maintenance> Verify & Repair (Thorough). If M-Files notices any errors, allow them to be fixed automatically.

Now, check manually if the .bin file can be found in this file path:
E.g: \\\Servervaults\Sample Vault\FileData\0\0\0\26-17_1.bin
If the error message still persists, this suggests that the file has been either corrupted or removed.

Please try the following steps:
1) Take the affected vault Offline.(From M-Files server administrator -> Vault -> Right click -> Operations -> Offline.
2) Copy the vault metadata and File data . E.g. C:\Program Files\M-Files\Server Vaults\Sample Vault {<guid>}) to a safe location - this is your "manual backup" (unless you have already done this earlier).
3) If you have a backup of the vault, restore the backup as a NEW vault 'BACKUP', then find the problematic file from the BACKUP vault filedata (FileData\0\0\0\26-17_1.bin)
If the file exists on your BACKUP, then:
- move the same file from the PROBLEM vault to a safe location (note! if you HDD is physically failing, please do not copy this file - move it inside the same partition)
- copy the same file from the BACKUP vault to the same location in the PROBLEM vault.
- Try the backup now.

Hopefully this should help in this case but if still not then you may need to make a blank file with the same name and replace it. You can manually create a blank file in the server's file data location (Should be something like "\\\Servervaults\Sample Vault\FileData\0\0\0 ").

If the operation still fails, then database should get be fix by our database team. Please contact Note that this kind of repair work could be considered to be billable work.

Last edited: May 4th, 2018
M-Files Customer Support Team,


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