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How to remove ID # in automatic file name creation
Posted by Sakari Heinonen (M-Files) on 11 May 2018 04:58 PM

There is a registry setting available to disable the ID number from the file name when it is being copied from M-Files to file system.

Please take note, that it might cause serious problems if the ID is removed and the files are then imported back to vault. It might cause inconsistency and duplication. We typically do not advise using this option

Here are the steps:

1) You can create the following registry key in your M-Files client machine with regedit.exe where M-Files Desktop is installed (if the registry value doesn't already exist you need to create it)



2) After applying the setting, log out of the vault and then restart the PC.

3) After restart, log in to M-Files document vault.

First verify all documents are checked-in. Then choose Settings -> Clear Local Cache. Press from the showing window the Finish button. M-Files will clear the local computer temporary document cache, which may contain old files with ID numbers at their names.

4) You can now test that the disabling works right. Drag the document from M-Files to, for example, C: drive and see if M-Files is no longer adding the document id number to file name.

 This needs to be made on every Workstation where the ID's need to be removed. We would suggest to share to clients through GPO groups if possible.

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M-Files Customer Support Team,

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