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Improving view performance
Posted by Sakari Heinonen (M-Files) on 11 May 2018 05:29 PM

For a view with less than optimal performance, there are certain steps and tricks you can use to diagnose/fix the issue

  • To enhance performance, limit the view as well as possible using the filter - especially try limiting by object type.
  • Use of indirect references such as Customer.Name, especially long chains like Project.Manager.Name, can slow down the view
  • If you are using grouping levels: Experiment with the view algorithms on the Advanced tab. If the automatic setting does not work well, try the algorithms 2, 3 and 1, in this order
    • Try checking the "do not check object permissions for hiding subfolders" on the Advanced tab
    • Try using functions like FirstLetters() or InitialGroup() to limit the number of virtual subfolders shown in the view
    • Try if you could use the "Show only subfolders that were recently selected by the user" setting
    • Try enabling View indexing, however use this option with care as it may cause slowness elsewhere in the system, as the index needs to be kept up to date

Other things to check:

  • Test using the client on the M-Files application server to eliminate any possible network problems
  • Is the slowness affecting only this view or also other operations or perhaps other views? --> is the problem view specific, or is it more of a general root cause?
  • If you are running the default Firebird database, check the metadata.fdb size, more information can be found in this article: Monitor the size of your Firebird vault database file
  • If you are running MS SQL, check if there is a lot of disk activity or other culprits in the SQL server instance


  • Use SHIFT-F5 in the Windows client to perform a full view refresh to check the performance. Repeat this a couple of times after each change
  • View performance may be affected by the access rights of your user account. Especially, with an admin account, views may work a lot faster so you should test on a non-admin account

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