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How to enable Single Metadata Popup Mode
Posted by Sakari Heinonen (M-Files) on 11 May 2018 05:54 PM

There is a feature to pop up the metadata card of an object, and have it updated when another object in listing view is selected. You can pop up the metadata card with ALT-ENTER or by right-clicking an object and choosing "Properties".

This feature is practical when a lot of manual metadata updating is needed, the main window and metadata card can be arranged side by side. Dual monitor support is coming soon.

A short description of the functionality:

  • Once pop-up is first opened, it is updated when a new object is selected.
  • Saving changes in the pop-up will not close the pop-up.
  • Discarding changes in the popup will close the pop-up. Changes can be discarded simply by selecting a new object.
  • Pop-up can be closed by upper right corner window close (X). Possible unsaved changes are then automatically discarded. This works the same way as in the regular pop-up.
  • Pop-up is list/search specific: when e.g. a new search is performed, the popup will be automatically closed. Then a new pop-up needs to be opened for items in a new search results list.
  • If selecting an object that has no metadata - e.g. a view, the popup is not updated (shows the previously shown object). Once a new object is selected, popup is updated again.
  • You can use file content preview from the metadata card bly clickin ">>" on top right.

The feature is disabled by default, and can be activated with M-Files Named Value Manager. You can get the application here: M-Files Named Value Manager

Use the following parameters:

1. Select the source server and the vault.
2. Select the storage type MFConfigurationValue.
3. Type in the namespace M-Files.Core.Client.Settings.
4. Click the Add… button and give the newly added key a name, for instance "SinglePopupMode".
5. Use the following syntax:

    "MFShell": {
      "EnableSingleMetadataPopupMode": 1

Last modified: 11th of May, 2018

M-Files Customer Support Team,

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