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How to Insert m-files:// Links to SharePoint Pages
Posted by Ville Karinen (M-Files) on 14 May 2018 12:25 PM
Though SharePoint does not accept URLs that start with m-files:// as clickable hyperlinks, you can still enter clickable M-Files links to your SharePoint pages by using the M-Files URL Opener service. This service is hosted on the public Internet and can be used by any M-Files customers free of charge.
Here's how to use it:
1. Copy this link to some text editor as the root URL for your SharePoint links:
2. Create a regular m-files:// link in M-Files Desktop and paste it as a parameter to the root URL.
3. Paste the complete URL to your SharePoint page.
When a user clicks a link like this:
1. The user's computer connects to our URL Opener service.
2. The URL Opener service picks up the m-files:// link that has been given to it as a parameter and sends it as a response to the user's computer.
3. M-Files Desktop installed on the user's computer picks up the m-files:// link and opens it.

If you want to install the URL Opener service in your own network, please download the application and documentation from here:


M-Files Customer Support Team,

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