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M-Files Outlook add-on not starting or showing
Posted by Zachary Wick (M-Files) on 14 May 2018 05:21 PM

The M-Files Outlook add-on is part of the M-Files integration into the MS Office suite of products. It provides a ribbon along the top of the software that has M-Files actions such as "Save to M-Files" and "Save Attachments to M-Files". This add-on is installed whenever the M-Files Desktop is installed. Sometimes this add-on will not be present when you start Outlook. There could be several reasons for this which will be listed below with resolutions/workarounds.

1. Add-on is disabled

This is usually the simplest to resolve. In this case, the add-on has been disabled by Outlook automatically. This can happen if Outlook believes the add-on is causing Outlook to be too slow in opening. The resolution is to go to File-->Options-->Add-ins. Check to make sure that the "M-Files Office Add-in" is listed either in Active or Disabled section in the Window. If it's in the Disabled section, click the Manage drop-down at the bottom and select "Disabled Add-ins" and click the Go button. Select the M-Files Office Add-in from the list and click the Enable button.


2. MFStatus.exe is not running

If the MFStatus.exe method is not running, this can also cause the M-Files Add-in to not be present in the Office suite or products including Outlook. The reason that the MFStatus.exe could not be running is usually because of some anti-virus or other software preventing it from running whenever Windows starts up. You can see which processes start up from Task Manager from the Startup tab in Task Manager. The Name of the process will be "M-Files Desktop". If you right-click it and go to Properties, you will see the actual name of the process is MFStatus.exe. This process should be part of the startup process and if it's not, it should be added. If this process is not running currently the easiest solution is to manually start it. The process will be under
C:\Program Files\M-Files\<version>\Bin\x64

for 64 bit systems and

C:\Program Files\M-Files\<version>\Bin\x86

for 32 bit systems. Just double click MFStatus.exe, verify that it is running via Task Manager, and then close and re-open Outlook.


3. Version compatibility

As can be seen from the user guide, these Outlook functions are only available for Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016


4. At least one vault connection has not been established

At least one vault connection needs to be established from the M-Files Desktop to a vault before the M-Files ribbon will be displayed in the Office products. Please see the following link from our user guide about how to add a document vault connection.

M-Files Customer Support Team,


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