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Docusign Authentication Failure with Good Credentials
Posted by Ramez Mohsene (M-Files) on 22 June 2018 11:06 PM

Scenario: Event Viewer shows the following errors when you start the vault/bring the vault online:


Error 1:


The vault application is not running. Check for errors in the event log around the time the vault was last brought online. For more information, contact your M-Files administrator.


Error 2:


Vault application failed to start correctly. See errors for details. For more information, contact your M-Files administrator.


DocuSign.eSign.Client.ApiException: Error calling Login: {


"message": "One or both of Username and Password are invalid."


at DocuSign.eSign.Api.AuthenticationApi.LoginWithHttpInfo(LoginOptions options)

at DocuSign.eSign.Api.AuthenticationApi.Login(LoginOptions options)

at DocuSignVaultApp.MFDocuSign..ctor(VaultApplication vaultApp, String integratorKey, String username, String password)

at DocuSignVaultApp.VaultApplication.StartApplication()


Customer enters the credentials online and it authenticates correctly. What is the cause here?


Turns out the credentials were for a "sandbox" instance within the DocuSign account. With DocuSign, you can provide the same username and have different passwords, and based on the URL they attempt to log into, DocuSign knows whether the account is production (legally binding) or sandbox (not legally binding, used for testing). Therefore, the resolution was to use the Named Value Manager to set the "DocuSign_Use_Demo_Environment" variable in the MFConfigurationValue/DocuSignVaultApp location to true. Default setting is False. Once set and saved, take vault offline and back online, issue should be resolved.


Named Value Manager:


Also note that a "trial" account with Docusign is not treated as a "demo" by default as it is a legally binding account. Therefore, ensure that the "DocuSign_Use_Demo_Environment" variable is set to "false" in this case as well.

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