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Frequently Asked Questions
Connection Properties - External Mail Source/Supplemental information
Posted by Favad Amir (M-Files) on 25 June 2018 10:28 PM

The following is supplemental knowledge in addition to the details provided in the 2018 user guide with regard to mail sources:

Q: If the user chooses to read a property from the message body, how does that work when the body contains many pieces of text?

A: The email body message is treated as 1 property and either all or none is copied. Before the document is created and metadata has been set there are no properties to pull from.

Q: Can you pull properties from email attachments? 

A: No, the option to point to the attachment is not available. You have the options to save the attachment, only save messages that have attachments, and to save the message and attachment separately. Document properties such as Date created, Date modified, etc. could be pulled if you were using a file source but only a specific subset of document properties are available.

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