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Frequently Asked Questions
Steps of "Optimize Database" Job
Posted by Zachary Wick (M-Files) on 06 July 2018 05:35 PM
Many times customers have questions about what is actually going on when the Optimize Database job is run. Since some of the screens flash up so quickly they can't be read, here is a listing of exactly what is performed for each step during the Optimize Database job when it's run. Please note the differences between Firebird and MS SQL.
Step 1 (1/12). "Taking the vault offline"
Step 2 (2/12). "Rebuilding metadata indexes"
Step 3 (3/12). "Recalculating relevance scores for objects"
Step 4 (4/12). "Cleaning out unused access control lists"
Step 5 (5/12). "Clearing the change logs of object types"
Step 6 (6/12). "Upgrading the vault database for improving performance"
Step 7 (7/12). "Backing up the metadata" -> Firebird only
Step 8 (8/12). "Restoring the metadata" -> Firebird only
Step 9 (9/12). "Rebuilding database indexes" -> In MS SQL this is 7/12
Step 10 (10/12). "Updating the statistics for database objects" -> In MS SQL this is 8/12
Step 11 (11/12). "Compressing the full-text search index"
Step 12 (12/12). "Finalizing the operation"
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