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Automatically Open a Vault on Windows Startup
Posted by Ramez Mohsene (M-Files) on 11 July 2018 10:10 PM

With regards to opening a vault when Windows opens, there is no configuration on M-Files to do this. However there is a trick to do this inside Windows under the Startup, depending on the version of Windows.

1. Go to Start > Run > and type "shell:startup" without quotes and hit Enter.
2. Create a shortcut in the open window dialog to the vault you like. For example, it can be M:\prod vault\ folder path, which opens a particular vault. If you want the list of vaults, simply create a shortcut to M:\
3. Close this window and you are set.

Note that depending on the speed of the system and other factors, this may not work each time you boot up if the M-Files Client service has not loaded at the time Windows attempts to run this Startup shortcut.

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