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Frequently Asked Questions
Changing Workflow State Icons
Posted by Rami Aalto (M-Files) on 20 July 2018 01:03 PM

If you want to use your own icons for your workflow states, it is quite easy, but first you need to know where it's done. The short answer is: in M-Files Admin tool.

The longer and more accurate answer is:

  1. Open M-Files Admin tool
  2. Open [Vault Name] > Metadata Structure (Flat View) > Value Lists
  3. Click "Show All Value Lists"
  4. Double-click on Workflows
  5. (click OK when notified of modification restrictions)
  6. Select "Content" button (in lower left)
  7. Select a workflow you wish to set icons to
  8. Select the state you want to alter
  9. Click the "Change Icon" button over on the right
  10. Select an icon and press OK

Repeat steps 8-10 for each state you want to edit. If you want to do the same for another workflow, continue from step 7.

If you want to set icons to state transitions, you can do so. Between steps 7 and 8, click on "State transitions" tab and continue the same way.

M-Files Support Team

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