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How to Re-Enable View Grouping Functions
Posted by Rami Taipale (M-Files) on 13 August 2018 02:47 PM

Two grouping functions (InitialGroup() and FirstLetters()) were discarded from the view grouping level UI around the build 12.0.6678.0 because those functions could degrade the performance in some cases. Views that were built before and include one of those grouping functions still work in recent M-Files versions, but you can't create a new one using those functions. You can add a registry key to enable using those functions again in a certain vault:

Apply the following registry value in Windows Registry on the M-Files Client computer:


 Enable / disable using two view grouping functions InitialGroup() and FirstLetters(). If the registry value doesn't already exist you need to create it. 

Registry Key


Value Name 

Value Type  REG_DWORD
Value data

 0 = off (default)
 1 = on

Please note that the change comes into effect after the next M-Files Desktop login and it is enabled only in the vault that was chosen in the registry path (<vaultName>).


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