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Property vs. Property (any property) in the drop down lists
Posted by Matti Kyllönen (M-Files) on 28 August 2018 09:16 AM

In M-Files Views, for example, you can define property search conditions.

If you want to set a certain property value as search term, you may see in the drop down list two types of items: normal properties and ones with a text (any property).

What does the (any property) actually mean? In short, it means that some properties can have values from the same value list. For example the properties Supervisor and Project manager both may show values from the list Employees. In this case in the drop down list there is Employees (any property) item visible. If you select that and set filter value condition for it to be e.g. "Employee 1" all the objects that have either Supervisor or Project Manager property with value Employee 1 will be in the search results.

This is also explained in our user guide:


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