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Frequently Asked Questions
Indexing Your Vault
Posted by Elizabeth Sumpter (M-Files) on 29 August 2018 10:06 PM

The process of indexing metadata and file data of vault objects can be very memory intensive and can take an extended amount of time.  It is not recommended to start a "Rebuild Full-Text Search Index" task during working hours.  Small vaults can be indexed overnight or within about a day.  Medium and larger vaults could need several days to finish indexing.  It is recommended to follow the procedures in this article in order for your users to be able to search while the index job is still running:

If you should run into an issue where the indexing process is taking up too much memory or if you receive errors in the application server's Windows Event Viewer, reach out to M-Files technical support at  Export the errors from Event Viewer and attach them to your initial email to Support.

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