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'mfiles://' links to items not showing up in mobile email apps
Posted by Rami Aalto (M-Files) on 12 November 2018 01:50 PM

When emailing a link to an object inside an M-Files document vault and the recipient opens the email on a mobile phone, it's possible the link looks something like this:

M-Files URL properties.pdf (Desktop, Web, Mobile)

as opposed to what it should look like:

M-Files URL properties.pdf (DesktopWebMobile)

Why is this happening?

This behaviour happens due to mobile email application limitations, or rather their security features. Three of the links are 'mfiles://' links and it is common for mobile email apps to render only a selected few URL protocols, e.g. http://, https:// and mailto://. That is why the link to the web version of the object still works, it starts with https://


If users have the M-Files mobile app installed and configured with the correct document vault connection they can open an M-Files shortcut (.mflink). This can be done almost the same way as getting the "normal" hyperlink: right-click on object to be shared > Get Hyperlink > Send M-Files shortcut (.mflink) by e-mail > OK.

When the user receives the email, he/she can open the attachment and is the M-Files mobile app is opened immediately with the linked object available for viewing.

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