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PDF Printing Excel Page Clipping
Posted by Ondas Santos (M-Files) on 26 November 2018 10:13 PM


The purpose of this article is to resolve issues on pdf files not showing as expected while converted from Excel in M-Files.

Impacted Products and Versions

M-Files version 2015 and later.


Converting an Excel file to PDF using M-Files will produce misplaced or orphan pages in PDF.

Sample Case

Having an Excel file with 3 pages and try to convert the same into pdf either through workflow or manually inside M-Files. Sometimes you may have missing items from a page (e.g: images) and you may also have a part of one page being present in another as a result of the conversion.

Cause and Reason

Converting to a PDF file is essentially printing the document. If Excel file has print area defined, that may or may not fit the paper size in the PDF printer causing odd page placement.

Solution / Workaround

Removing the print area setup from the Excel file by going to Page Layout ribbon, select Print Area. Clear Print Area. Save changes.

You may need to set margins and paper size, as well orientation to match PDF conversion settings.


In some cases, a rectangle box drawn on top of a picture in Excel may have some letters that are not being shown upon conversion. Resizing that text box to make the whole sentence to appear on the same. See screenshots in attached document.

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