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Frequently Asked Questions
Compliance Kit license is reading as invalid
Posted by Zachary Wick (M-Files) on 28 November 2018 11:20 PM

The Compliance Kit license could go invalid for one of the following reasons, but it will not actually check to make sure the M-Files Compliance Kit license is valid until a server or vault restart. This can make it so that it will be several months before the problem is found.

  • New M-Files server license is installed with a different serial number
  • An updated server license is put in place such as adding more users or modules
  • A newer version of the M-Files Compliance Kit is installed


If your Compliance Kit license ever enters into an invalid state, users will receive a message when they log in that all vault operations will be halted until this is fixed. The ways to resolve this are as follows:

1. Verify that the license code file *.lic serial number matches the main M-Files Server serial number. You can open the *.lic file with Notepad to verify that they both match. You can find the main M-Files server serial number from the M-Files Admin. Left-click the server name and on the right-hand pane you will see License Management. When you click this you can compare the serial numbers together to make sure. If the serials are different, you would need to request an updated or new Compliance Kit license from

2. If your M-Files main server license has changed recently because you were issued a new serial number or purchased more licenses, you may have to perform the following actions

  1. Request a new Compliance Kit license code from
  2. Open the M-Files Admin
  3. Right-click your vault name and go to Applications
  4. Uninstall the M-Files Compliance Kit Application
  5. Install the M-Files Compliance Kit Application from your *.mfappx file
  6. Click the License button and use the new *.lic file that you received from M-Files. Make sure the license reads as valid
  7. Click the Apply button



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