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INFO: Backwards Compatibility of M-Color File Types
Posted by admin on 07 June 2004 10:44 AM

The information in this article applies to:

  • M-Color, all versions




Newer M-Color versions are able to read the files of the older versions. In general, the older versions cannot read the files saved by later versions.

 With M-Color 9 and later, you can continue to use the CFG and PAL files with your previous M-Color version as long as you do not use any new style types or effects. The CFG and PAL files will become incompatible with the earlier M-Color version only after M-Color 9 specific features have been used in the CFG or PAL file.

If you need to use some CFG or PAL file in an earlier version of M-Color, you can save the file into the earlier version's format with M-Color 9 or later. Note that you will lose any features which were not present in the version you save the file to.

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