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Frequently Asked Questions
M-Files Online will not upgrade
Posted by Zachary Wick (M-Files) on 24 January 2019 07:33 PM

There are instances where M-Files Online will not upgrade. The system may even display alerts in the bottom right hand of the screen saying a new version has been downloaded and installed, but the version never increments. This only seems to effect systems where the M-Files Client and Server are installed. If only the Client is installed on a system, the system will upgrade fine.


The first thing to check would be that you have a current subscription for your license. This can be found from the M-Files Admin.

1. Click on your server name

2. Click on the License Management icon on the right side of your screen

3. Check the "Subscription expires" section to make sure your subscription is current


Steps to resolve

1. If your subscription is expired, reach out to your account manager at M-Files or where you purchased the software to renew your subscription

2. Input the new license code into the License Management section and make sure the date is in the future

3. (Optional) You can also manually download the latest release of the M-Files Online software here after the previous two steps and install it manually


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