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Frequently Asked Questions
HOWTO: Minimize Downtime when Upgrading the Network License of M-Color
Posted by admin on 07 June 2004 11:31 AM
The information in this article applies to:
  • M-Color 9.5 and later




If you have many M-Color clients using a license server, it may take a while to upgrade all clients to a new version. This article describes how M-Color users can continue to work with their older M-Color version until their own workstation is updated to the latest version of M-Color.


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Follow these steps to upgrade the M-Color license server and the clients without downtime. Neither uninstall nor stop the license server before installing the new license server. Uninstalling the old M-Color license server would also remove the license you currently have.
    1. Install the new M-Color license server to the old license server computer and to the same directory (use default settings during installation). The new license server will continue to serve the old 
    2. M-Color clients requests immediately after the installation is finished.
  •  Obtain the license code and activate the license. See the knowledge base article HOWTO: Install a Network License for further details.
  •  Upgrade the M-Color clients.


Note: The older M-Color versions cannot read the later M-Color CFG, PAL or MCL files. See the article: INFO: M-Color File Types' Backwards Compatibility when updating.


Note: Installing the new license server will stop & start the license server service. This may cause running clients to lose the license token they are currently using.
Exiting and starting M-Color on the client computer helps -- the client will find the license again.






AAA Architects has a network license for 6 users for M-Color 9.7. The M-Color 9.7 client has been installed to 20 workstations. First, the IT administrator of AAA Architects installs the M-Color 9.8 license server on the license server computer. Before installing, the IT administrator neither uninstalls nor stops the old M-Color 9.7 license server. Immediately after the IT Administrator has finished the installation, a user starts to use M-Color 9.7 on one of the workstations and the user does not notice any difference to former behaviour because the license server can still serve M-Color 9.7 clients.
Next, the IT administrator activates the M-Color 9.8 license over the Internet.


Alternatively, the IT administrator could send the license request to get the license code, and wait a few hours for the code to arrive. The arrival of the license code could take up to 24 hours.
When the license code for the network license for M-Color 9.8 arrives, the IT administrator could activate the license on the license server computer.


The M-Color 9.7 client users can still work without any interruptions. Now the IT administrator begins to upgrade the M-Color workstations. He decides to split the job between two days.
During the first day he installs M-Color 9.8 on ten workstations and the next day on another ten. The users can continue working with the new M-Color 9.8 version.


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