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Frequently Asked Questions
Multi-factor authentication and M-Files
Posted by Zachary Wick (M-Files) on 04 February 2019 09:14 PM

1.    Introduction

This document will describe how multi-factor authentication can be used with the M-Files system. Multi-factor authentication is using two or more factors to authenticate a user. This can be in the form of two separate passwords, an emailed or IM'ed code along with a password, or even a time sensitive link sent to the user. This increases security and greatly reduces the chances of having unauthorized access to systems.

1.1     Glossary and Acronyms

This table explains the essential, subject-specific terminology and acronyms used in this document.




Identity provider. The actual system that confirms the user's identity. Often times Azure.



1.2     Prerequisites

Please make sure your environment meets these requirements before moving forward.

1.2.1    Other Requirements

Your IdP must support multi-factor authentication.

2.     The Basics of Multi-Factor Authentication and M-Files

Setting up multi-factor authentication can vary from IdP to IdP. Specific instructions for how to set up multi-factor authentication should be provided by your IdP. Sample instructions and information for how to set up Azure multi-factor authentication can be found in the following link

After multi-factor authentication has been set up through your IdP, M-Files will then work with this seamlessly. This is because whenever you try to log into M-Files, a query goes out to the IdP to authenticate the user, it then confirm that multi-factor authentication is in place and makes the multi-factor authentication request. After the user provides a good authentication code, the request is then handed back to M-Files saying the user is authenticated. M-Files does not control the multi-factor authentication process at all. M-Files just waits for the IdP to tell whether the user is authenticated or not.

3.    Conclusion

M-Files can utilize multi-factor authentication in its system with any IdP that provides multi-factor authentication cleanly and seamlessly.

4.    Reference Documents

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