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Frequently Asked Questions
M-Files Server to SQL Server - Password expiration
Posted by Joey Stewart (M-Files) on 07 February 2019 08:07 PM

1. Overview
This document describes the denial of Vault access due to SQL password expiration.

2. Impacted Products and Versions
All M-Files versions.

3. Symptoms
Constant spinning within M-Files Admin for 30secs-1min until user receives a "Password has expired" message.
SQL error '18456 SQL 28000' when attempting to access the M-Files client.

4. Cause and Reason
Identified as an out-of-date SQL password due to policy expiration.

5. Solution / Workaround
The solution was to test the SQL connection to verify the symptom. Once verified, having the SQL admin update the information to re-establish the connection to the SQL Server from M-Files Server.

6. Reference Documents
Using Microsoft SQL Server as the Database Engine
SQL Password Policy

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