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Set workflow and state with M-Files metadatacard configuration
Posted by Matti Kyllönen (M-Files) on 01 March 2019 11:55 AM

1     Overview

How to set values workflow and state with metadata card configuration to the metadata card.

2     Supported Versions

M-Files versions supporting Metadata card configuration feature (2015.1->). The syntax in metadata card configuration in M-Files 2018 onwards is a bit different and also it has graphical UI configuration possibility but the idea is similar also in the older Metadata card configuration (older than M-Files 2018 versions).

3     Issue and Solution

If you try to Set Value with Metadata card Configuration to Workflow (ID38) and workflow state (ID39) the workflow state setting fails.

Set value to State transition ID99 instead of the State ID39.

4     Steps

(M-Files 2018)

First set a filter of your choice. Here the rule applies to all documents with class "Document".


Then add behaviors


State Transition:

Then in M-Files client you will see when the rule matches that both workflow and state wil get automatically filled in:


5     Reference Documents

Userguide on metadata card configuration:

Knowledgebase vault: Configuring the Metadata Card (M-Files 2018 and M-Files Online).pdf


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