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Difference between M-Files Time and Timestamp properties
Posted by Matti Kyllönen (M-Files) on 01 March 2019 04:04 PM

The M-Files properties "Time" and "Timestamp" work differently.

The M-Files server is operating in UTC time. And the Time zone of the Client PC is affecting how the timestamps are visible in the metadata card.

If the Time zone in PC is UTC+2 and in the server the timestamp datatype property's value is 15:37 it is visible as 17:37 in the metadata card based on the PC Time zone settings.

The time datatype behaves differently. Server value is shown in the metadata card as is without Time zone conversions.


  1. Create 2 properties: Timestamp (datatype timestamp) and Time (datatype time)
  2. Configure automatic values to those properties. Property Definition -> Properties -> Automatic Values TAB -> Calculated value (VBScript) -> Edit Code... -> Set a script to there: Output = Now
  3. Go to M-Files client side. Start to create a document and add the 2 properties to the metadata card and click Create


If the local time in Time zone (UTC+2) is 15:53:37 the properties in the metadata card show:

Timestamp: 17.53 (The saved current time is saved to server as is and UTC+2 taken into account when time is read from there)

Time: 15:53:37 (No any UTC conversions made)


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