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M-Files sending emails with MS Outlook/ Outlook Express instead of default client Mozilla Thunderbird
Posted by Ariful Mahmud (M-Files) on 04 March 2019 12:05 PM

1     Overview

Sometimes when using some mail clients, such as Thunderbird, as the default e-mail client, it is not used when sending links or copies of objects from M-Files by e-mail. M-Files tries to use Outlook (Express) if the program is available while sharing content via the "Send Copy" or "Send Link by E-mail" instead of the set default client.

2     Impacted Products and Versions

Confirmed with M-Files version 8.0.2836.0 and 18.10.6895.5

3     Possible Situation

  • Mozilla Thunderbird is installed and set as default email client to an environment with Outlook installed.
  • M-Files user tries to share content from M-Files with "Send Copy" or "Send Link by E-mail".
  • New mail message dialog should opens with Outlook instead of Mozilla Thunderbird.

4     Solution / Workaround

From M-Files version 19.1.7244.0 on-wards, it is possible to use the below registry setting for resolving this issue. By using registry value 1 for value name " UseMAPI" will solve the issue by forcing M-Files to use default email client instead of Outlook.

Registry key location

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Motive\<M-Files version>\Client\MFStatus\

Value name


Value type


Value data

1 (default 0)

*** Please note that modifying the Windows registry may potentially harm the system and should only be performed with due care and consideration. System it may require M-Files client services to be restarted or rebooting the entire system. <M-Files version> refers to the M-Files version number that you are currently using.



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