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M-Files Dynamics 365 Integration's Service Discovery Issue
Posted by Matti Kyllönen (M-Files) on 04 March 2019 01:42 PM

1     Overview

This article is meant for M-Files Administrators. This explains one specific Dynamics 365 feature in depth: Discovery Service. If the Discovery Service (and user account) part in the M-Files Dynamics integration is misconfigured it may lead M-Files Dynamics Integration to contact to unwanted or wrong Dynamics 365 Instance.

2     Issue and Solution

Dynamics 365 has a special Discovery Service. When connecting to Dynamics with a server URL with no or invalid organization/subdomain names, the Dynamics 365 server will use Discovery Service to determine the actual Dynamics 365 instance that has been associated to the user account and connect that. This allows that all integrations can have just "" as server URL and Dynamics admins can change the actual Dynamics instances the integrations connect by changing the organization mappings of the user account. This is potentially dangerous if the same account has access to both production and development. Then admin can very easily make e.g. the development integration to connect to the production repository. This Discovery Service can be skipped by adding "SkipDiscovery=true" parameter to the M-Files Dynamics integration connection string. When set to 'true' the server URL must be accurate and correct and then using URLs like "" will not work anymore because the server URL must point to the real Dynamics instance.

We recommend setting the setting to "true".

Example connection string with SkipDiscovery=true: M-Files extension={31B8B35E-59F9-4f16-9A89-12A88C3A8045};SkipDiscovery=true;AuthType=Office365;;Password=passwd;Url=

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