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HOWTO: Get the M-Color Menu to Appear in AutoCAD
Posted by admin on 07 June 2004 02:51 PM
The information in this article applies to:
  • M-Color, all versions




It is presumed in this article, that you have some version of AutoCAD and M-Color installed and that you install a new AutoCAD version and want to get the M-Color menu item to the newly installed AutoCAD. When a new version of AutoCAD is installed, the M-Color menu is not automatically added to the menu bar. Alternatively M-Color menu does not automatically appear in AutoCAD menu bar after installing or upgrading M-Color.


More Information

In order to add M-Color menu to AutoCAD menu bar, perform the following step:

  • Click Start > All Programs > M-Color > Add M-Color to new AutoCAD installation
If the step above does not help, perform the following steps:
4. Start AutoCAD
5. Execute command CUILOAD
6. Select MCOLOR9x and Unload it (eg. MCOLOR97 for M-Color 9.7, MCOLOR98 for M-Color 9.8)
7. Close the windows opened by CUILOAD
8. Restart AutoCAD

If CUILOAD did not not restore M-Color menu:
9. Run command MCO_MCOLOR_MENU in AutoCAD
10. Run command MCO_MCOLOR_MENU2 in AutoCAD


If you do not have the setup program anymore, download the M-Color setup program here.

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