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IDOL - Moving Index to Another Server
Posted by Kimmo Pyhältö (M-Files) on 25 March 2019 03:39 PM

Sometimes, for example for increasing the server performance it is necessary to move IDOL index to another server. Usually there is no option for re-indexing (which can take weeks). One alternative option is to move the index files to the new server.

This document describes how to move the IDOL index to another server.

Steps to move the IDOL index to another server

  1. Setup the new IDOL server
  2. Stop M-Files server's MFIndexingManager service
  3. Shut down all running IDOL services (e.g. DIH/DAH, Daily and all backends) from both old and new servers. Remember to wait that also all depending and not depending processes shut down. Do not kill them.


- IDOLserver.exe for DIH/DAH and Daily e.g. DihDah19IDOLServer.exe and Single9IDOLServer.exe - content.exe for Daily - dih.exe - dah.exe


- IDOLserver.exe e.g. Single12IDOLServer.exe - content.exe for every engine

  1. Copy the contents of the "content" folder (path usually like E:\Single9\IDOLServer\IDOL\content) to the new server excluding following items. If you have multiple engines, repeat the step for each engine.
  2. Files in the root of the "content" folder
  3. uid-folders
  4. license-folders
  5. internalbackup-folder
  6. Check the paths of the [Paths]-section in the configuration file (e.g. Single9IDOLServer.CFG) of each engine
  7. Start IDOL services of the new server
  8. After couple of minutes, check IDOL logs for any new error or warnings.
  9. When everything is OK, connect M-Files server to the new IDOL-server by changing the IP and port information from the registry (usually in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Motive\M-Files\[version]\Server\MFServer\VaultOptions[vault GUID]\Indices\C_B91D75EF-A924-4583-A7BA-2A8F3C5614C3).
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