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Frequently Asked Questions
IDOL - MFAutonomyConsole
Posted by Kimmo Pyhältö (M-Files) on 25 March 2019 03:46 PM

MFAutonomyConsole is a command line tool for making queries directly into the IDOL. It can give you status information about every engine as well as you can make searches directly to IDOL. That way you can rule off the influence of the M-Files. For example, if you do not find something from the M-Files full text search and you find it with MFAutonomyConsole, there is probably something wrong in M-Files or between it and IDOL.

This document describes how to use MFAutonomyConsole tool.


1.    What?

- Command line tool to invoke IDOL queries…

MFAutonomyConsole.exe + runtime DLLs + configuration file

- …and not just user queries, but also queries for status information about IDOL content

- But, be cautious about the substance:

Query entered by a user != Query sent to IDOL

In M-Files, lots of language analysis and other magic happens in between


2.    Where?

- You may run the tool on any computer that is allowed to contact the target IDOL engine

- IDOL configuration must allow your IP address

- Remember firewalls, etc…


3.    Why?

- MFAutonomyConsole makes your day because it…

…allows you to invoke an arbitrary query API request

…encrypts the request before sending it to IDOL


4. How?

- MFAutonomyConsole <option>=<value> …

Mandatory options:

cfg=<config file containing commonly reused options>


Most of the options in the configuration file can be overridden by command line

- Output is raw XML

No proper line endings for Windows

One solution is to use IE/Edge with MSXML rendering for the output file

- Examples

MFAutonomyConsole cfg=config.txt a=getstatus > gs.xml
MFAutonomyConsole cfg=config.txt a=rawquery text="foo AND bar" > q1.xml
MFAutonomyConsole cfg=config.txt a=rawquery text="\"my phrase\"" > q2.xml
MFAutonomyConsole cfg=config.txt a=getcontent reference=MF-{8D3573BB-6182-4148-8C99-FC1F19B07E1B}-0-101 > gc.xml

5. Most common actions

- getstatus 

Overall status information about the IDOL engine
Among other things, output shows databases, document counts in those databases, child engine status for DAH, etc.

- rawquery

Normal query
Search terms must be separated by a boolean operator in uppercase
Search term phrases must be enclosed in escaped quotation marks
NOTE: Original "query" and "list" actions in IDOL must be prefixed with "raw" here

- getcontent

The indexed content for a particular object (in IDX format)

- getquerytagvalues

Facet values query

- indexergetstatus

Inspection of the indexer queue

6. Most typical use cases

- What is the current status of the IDOL engine(s)?


- What content (metadata + filedata) has been sent to IDOL for indexing a particular object?


- What objects are returned for a particular query?

text="<query terms separated by boolean operators in uppercase>"
fieldtext=""   (optional)

NOTE1: Field specifiers can be used to restrict the scope:  "foo:MFFILE_*" 
NOTE2: Some M-Files search criteria are carried by FieldText instead of Text

7. Configuration file - Things to change

- IDOLServerHost=[IP or hostname of IDOL host e.g. localhost]

- IDOLServerACIPort=[ACI port of the IDOL host, the one ending 0 e.g. 9000]

- IndexDBName=[Name of the index database e.g. MF-{8D3573BB-6182-4148-8C99-FC1F19B07E1B}]

8. Sample queries

- mfautonomyconsole cfg=config.txt a=getstatus > gs.xml

This will give you the status of the IDOL server/engine

- mfautonomyconsole cfg=config.txt a=rawquery text="aalto AND abc" > q.xml

This will result the documents found in that particular search text. It also gives you the document reference that can be used in the next query.

- mfautonomyconsole cfg=config.txt a=getcontent reference=MF-{8D3573BB-6182-4148-8C99-FC1F19B07E1B}-0-86 > gc.xml

This will give you the information about what has been indexed about that object.

- mfautonomyconsole cfg=config.txt a=indexergetstatus maxresults=0 > igs.xml

This will show you the index queue in IDOL. Maxres is good to keep to reduce the amount of results.

- mfautonomyconsole cfg=config.txt a=indexergetstatus Summary=true > summary.xml

This will show you a summary page of the index queue instead of the complete status results. A status summary includes information such as how many items are in the queue, how many have finished indexing, and how many are queued (waiting to be indexed).

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