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When license is required for M-Files Admin tool
Posted by Peter Sandberg (M-Files) on 27 March 2019 01:15 PM

1     Overview

Logging into a document vault in M-Files Admin tool might not always require a license.

2     Description

The following scenarios have been identified:

  1. Login to M-Files Server from Admin as Current Windows User (myDomain\John)
    1. IF Vault has a user account "myDomain\John" -> Can't login without license
    2. IF Vault has No Users -> Login succeeds without license
    3. IF Vault has other users (no matter if these are licensed or not) -> Login succeeds without license
  2. Login to Server from Admin as M-Files User (MUser)
    1. IF Vault has an user (MUser ) -> Can't login without license
  3. Remove login account "myDomain\John" from Admin tool and login as Current Windows User
    1. You can login to all Vaults except those having user "myDomain\John"

3     Summary

If the user who has logged to the server in Admin tool has also a user account in the Vault, you need to have a license for the user to login.

As you need to administrate the vaults, it is possible to login to the vaults as "Current Windows user" without including the user to any of the vaults or creating a new login account for this user. However, if the user has a user account in the Vault the login is then authenticated against the license.

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