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Frequently Asked Questions
How to adjust the number of visible decimals in property values
Posted by Ville Karinen (M-Files) on 29 March 2019 12:35 PM

By default the metadata card only shows two decimals for real numbers. This default limit comes from Windows' Regional settings. To display more decimals on real numbers, go to Windows Control Panel > Region > Additional Settings, and adjust the "No. of digits after decimal" setting to your liking.

Before you start adjusting the decimal digit display limit, please consider the following details about this topic:

  • Since this setting is controlled separately per user per computer, you cannot be sure that all users across your organization will see the exact same value, because there may be differences in their decimal settings, and the value that is shown is rounded up or down to fit the user's local settings.
  • If you choose to display more than 5 decimals, M-Files' metadata card will round the decimals at 5 digits and display the rest as zeros, though the exact value that was typed in the property is stored in M-Files' database.
  • If you need more decimals than five, then to overcome the rounding limit, you can store your real numbers in text properties instead of number properties. This gives you room for more decimal digits, and all your users will see the same value regardless of their personal Windows regional settings. You can add a validation script to your text property to prevent users from storing other than numerical data in the property, if needed.
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