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How to disable notifications in document vaults
Posted by Rami Aalto (M-Files) on 29 March 2019 01:23 PM

1     Overview

Disabling notifications in a document vault is a frequently asked feature. It is also a feature we are working to develop in M-Files. This article describes the methods of disabling the different kinds of notifications in M-Files.

This article can also be used in conjunction with support article "Troubleshooting notification emails not being sent" to troubleshoot the common situations where users do not get notifications.

2     Notifications in general

In addition to enabling notifications via M-Files Admin, for the end users to receive e-mail notifications, event logging and M-Files Desktop notifications must be enabled.

2.1      Disabling notifications for a single user

A user can disable notifications for their own account in M-Files Desktop:

As a workaround, removing a user's email address from their Login account properties will result in the user not getting email notifications.

2.2      Disabling notifications for all users in all document vaults

Disabling notifications in M-Files Admin tool affects all users in all document vault on the same server:

2.3      Disabling notifications for all users in one document vault

We have an improvement suggestion with an internal ID 127306 "Possibility to disable notifications from a specific vault" ready for specification.

Although this is not recommended, you can work around this by disabling the M-Files server event log in M-Files Admin tool:

3     Assignment notifications

We have an improvement suggestion with an internal ID 17658 "Disable email notification of Assignments" ready for specification. The improvement suggestion requests to have a more fine-grained control over which users get assignment notifications and the settings could be set per document vault.

3.1      Disabling assignment notifications on a server

There are four registry key settings available for M-Files Server for disabling the assignment notifications. Please note that these settings apply to all users in all document vaults on that server. Each of these settings can be applied independently, if needed.

Registry key


Value name(s)





Value type

REG_DWORD (DWORD 32-bit Value)

Value data

0 (disabled) / 1 (enabled, default)

NOTE: M-Files Server services need to be restarted for the settings to come to effect.

4     Mobile Push notifications

Mobile push notifications were introduced in M-Files 2018 and M-Files Online version 19.3.7499.3.

4.1      Disabling notifications for a single user

Push notifications can be disabled in the M-Files mobile app settings.

4.2      Disabling notifications for all users in a single vault

Push notifications can be disabled from M-Files Admin tool in each document vault:

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