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How to set custom icons for classes
Posted by Sakari Heinonen (M-Files) on 31 March 2019 05:11 PM


1     Overview

With non-built-in object types, the default icon for class objects is the icon that has been set as the object type's icon. This icon can be changed to make it easier to differentiate between classes of the same object type and to further increase the clarity of the M-Files user interface.

You can also set a custom icons for classes of built-in object types, such as "Document" ,but in this case, the icon replaces the file type icon that comes from Windows file system (icons for Word and PDF files for example).

2     Solution

Icons for classes can be set in the built-in "Class" value list

  • In M-Files Admin, select your vault from the left and expand Metadata Structure (Flat View) option
  • Choose "Value Lists"
  • Choose "Show All Value Lists"
  • Open "Classes" Value list
  • Click "OK" in the "Modifying this built-in value list is restricted" prompt
  • Click "Contents" button on bottom left

Locate contents

  • Choose your class from the list and click "Change icon…" -button

Change icon

  • You can now choose an icon for the class. M-Files built-in icons are presented, but you can use Windows system icons (a list of available icons here) or you can use your own custom icons (in .dll or .ico file) like in below example. Please note that using custom icons other than built-in M-Files icons or Windows system icons is not officially supported, so the icons might not survive a major version upgrade.

Icons can now be seen in M-Files interface: Class lists, views and on the metadata card, for example.

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