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Frequently Asked Questions
INFO: M-Color Support System
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The M-Color support site contains a combined knowledge base and a trouble ticket system. 
New trouble tickets can be created by all M-Color users by using the web form. In this article it is told how the trouble ticket system works.

If you have an issue with M-Color, please fill in a ticket at We will respond to you within 24 hours (from Monday to Friday). 


More Information


Getting Personal Help


You can create a new trouble ticket by filling in a web form at the address provided above. It is preferred to use the web form, because the form asks for information that is often needed in resolving an issue. You will receive the response by email. 


Note: If you need to upload files, please do not send larger files than 10MB. You can also send files as email attachments up to 20MB. Do not send files of type .exe, pack such files into a zip format file, if needed. 

Note: When sending screen shots, preferably send GIF or JPG format files as they are much smaller than BMP files.


After you have sent a ticket, you will receive an email containing the ticket key for viewing the ticket in the support system. To view a ticket you need your email address and the ticket key. Just follow the link provided in the email.

In the support system you can view all the tickets you have issued. You can see the whole correspondense of a ticket, add more information to it and close the ticket if you have gotten the answer. You can also reopen a ticket if you need to.


The Knowledge Base

The knowledge base contains answers to frequently asked questions and some tips and tricks on how to use M-Color more efficiently.

Each article has a list of related articles at the right hand side. If there are files connected to the article, you can download them under the header Attachments by clicking on the item.

A convenient way to quickly find an answer to your problem is to search the knowledge base.

You can help us to make the knowledge base better by rating an article or by adding a comment to it.


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