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How To Get An Object or Document Count In a Vault
Posted by Ramez Mohsene (M-Files) on 01 May 2019 11:50 PM

1     Overview

This document covers how to get an object count in a vault with the use of the Admin Tool. Keep in mind that for enterprise level vaults, this is not recommended as this will tax performance of the database.

2     Steps

  1. Open Admin tool.
  2. Expand the vault in question and go to Content Replication and Archiving section on the left pane.
  3. Click on One Time Export.
  4. Place a check on "Export objects and files" and leave the filter section empty (default) if a grand total of objects is desired or set a search filter to count for specific objects.
  5. Click Preview button.

This will display a number next to the button once the query is complete.

Note: There may be a delay until the count is completed and is shown next to the button. During this time, the Admin Tool will not respond and that is normal. M-Files Server is still active to other users during this operation.

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