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M-COLOR: Gradient Fill Style to Mimic Stippling or dots
Posted by Elizabeth Boleyn (M-Files) on 10 May 2019 07:30 PM
  • Overview /Work Notes

Creating lawn area and attempting to generate more 3D effect. 
Attempting to mimic stippling or dots (in addition to color and shadows).
They have both AutoCAD Civil3D 2016 & 2018 – but currently working in 2016 and M-Color version is 9.9.

Tried creating a new style in a palette with a gradient style. When defining the gradient style of Radial mode.
This still appears to be more like a shadow than dots.


  • Solution /Workaround

M-Colors adaptive capabilities are quite limited, the only options are adaptive gradient, which causes more like a 
shadow effect or using own layer for the effect. In the latter option you could use a bitmap texture to mimic the 
stippling. The problem with the latter is that the pattern is not adaptive i.e. no gradient effect following the object 
shape and if used as intended (Repeating tiles) its not uneven. To get rid of the latter problem, you could generate 
one large image filled with uneven stipples.

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