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Frequently Asked Questions
How to check if search term is listed as "Noise" word
Posted by Peter Sandberg (M-Files) on 28 May 2019 08:31 AM


1      Overview

When doing a quick search in M-Files using the default search engine (DtSearch), the search might not give any results if the used search term(s) consists only of "common" words.

2      Cause and Reason

Common words such as "the" and "be" are considered as noise words and are as default not used in searches to avoid too many search results.

3      Solution / Workaround

You can find the complete list of (language specific) noise words in the 'noise.dat' files:

   C:\Program Files\M-Files\<version>\Server\<language>\noise.dat

If you need to use these words as a search terms, the following steps are needed:

      1) Remove the word from the language-specific noise.dat -file

      2) Run 'Rebuild Full-text Search Index' for the Vault, Note! Depending on the Vault size this operation can take a long time and this action should be planned with care.

      3) Try searching again

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