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Frequently Asked Questions
Email date and time are not matching in the preview
Posted by Peter Sandberg (M-Files) on 29 May 2019 08:39 AM

1      Overview

The received email date and time shown in M-Files preview can differ from the ones used in the email and metadata.

2      Cause and Reason

Before the email is shown in M-Files preview it is converted to PDF format using a third-party PDF engine. When the PDF conversion is done the component is reading the initial send time (or that was the time set to the sending server) and not the final arrival time that is shown in the mail header.

3      Workaround

If PDF conversion is needed with final arrival time one workaround is to make the PDF conversion on the client e.g. by right clicking the email and by selecting Sharing, Email and PDF > Convert to PDF (adds separate file). The difference between server's and client's PDF conversion is that in client the document is just printed out whereas the server uses the raw data from the email.

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