Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Why can you select sub lists outside the scope of the parent list when multiple documents are selected?
Posted by Devansh Parekh (M-Files) on 03 June 2019 06:50 PM

Version 1.0 | Last Updated June 3rd, 2019

1     Overview

Create a list to sublists parent relationship (also applicable to object type). From there assign two different parent lists to two different documents in M-Files Desktop Client. Typically when working on one document the sublists options that are shown are those properly mapped to the parent list selected. However, when selecting two documents with two different parent lists, a sublist field will return all sublists possible for selection regardless of the parents in the respective documents.  


2     Impacted Products and Versions

M-Files Desktop Client is the only impacted product.

  • All versions of M-Files


3     Symptoms

You are able to select sub lists that are not set as children to the parent list selected in the document. 


4     Cause and Reason

This is by design. When (Varies) is shown, the main list chosen in each documents is unknown and the user will be given with all possible options. Choosing the sub-list item, will also change the main list for all the documents selected.

The purpose of showing the drop down is to show possible options to set the property and NOT to show the existing / chosen items. 


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