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How to send files to M-Files Support via Web Portal
Posted by Sakari Heinonen (M-Files) on 05 June 2019 02:41 PM


1 Overview

M-Files uses CryptShare Web Portal to transfer files between M-Files technical support and customers. CryptShare is a Web application that allows easy and secure exchange of sensitive information. 

2 How to send files via CryptShare

Open your web browser and go to . Click on Provide to send files:

Fill in your name, phone number and email address and click on Next

A verification code will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. When using Cryptshare for the first time, the authenticity of the e-mail address is checked for reasons of privacy. Verification is necessary after 30 days or when the e-mail address changes.  After having received the code via e-mail you need to enter or copy/paste it here.

After verification, fill in the recipient's information (in most cases the recipient is and click Next

You can specify an additional custom message to your transfer by clicking Add. To add files to your secure transfer, drag and drop them to the box area, or add them from your file system by clicking Browse. The current maximum file transfer size is 10 GB per file transfer batch. If your transfer exceeds this limit, contact M-Files support for other file transfer options.
When you have added all the files, click Next.

You can now choose the transfer options and create or generate a password for the file transfer. Be sure to copy the password for yourself, it cannot be recovered later! 

After setting and copying the password, click Next.

Write down password

Next you can edit the notification message that will be sent to the recipient. Please use your ticket ID for message subject if possible in order for support to find the uploaded files faster. You can also preview the message by clicking the eye icon next to "Start transfer" button.


Click Start Transfer to send the message and/or file(s). You will get a summary at the end.

You should now provide the transfer password via support ticket, e-mail or SMS for your M-Files support person. You will also receive a separate "Transfer provided" email to your account.

Note that the password to be sent is not the verification code you received in an e-mail, but the one you generated or created in Transfer Options step.


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