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Frequently Asked Questions
Automatic refresh of external value lists and object types
Posted by Will Lyles (M-Files) on 24 June 2019 07:37 PM

1     Overview

A common misconception with the automatic refresh of external value lists and object types is that they are refreshed once every 15 minutes (quick refresh interval). While the quick refresh interval is set to 15 minutes, the automatic refresh does not occur without an interaction between the server and a client.

Below you will find more information on this topic, along with a link to a document in the M-Files Knowledge-base vault which provides more detailed information on the refresh logic and configuration options available for external value list and object type sources.

2     Solution

There are two types of refreshes for external value lists and object types:

  • Full
    1. By default, a full refresh will detect new objects, compare and update existing objects, and delete objects that no longer exist in the external database.
    2. The full refresh requires more time to complete than a quick refresh.
  • Quick
    1. By default, the quick refresh only detects new objects in the external database. It does not compare existing objects and it does not delete objects because undeleting them would require a full refresh.
    2. The quick refresh is much quicker than a full refresh.
    3. Please note, external value lists are always refreshed with the full refresh operation.

For each refresh type, the automatic refresh will be triggered differently.

A full refresh is triggered nightly at 4:30 AM server time. This is executed as part of the server's nightly maintenance routine. This can be adjusted via registry values.

A quick refresh is triggered when two criteria are met. Unlike a full refresh, a quick refresh does not occur based on an interval alone. Instead, the refresh interval is used as an additional check when a client requests a list of objects or a value list.

For example, if the refresh interval is set for 15 minutes, a quick refresh will only occur when a client (e.g. user accessing the vault via the desktop client) requests a list of objects (e.g. via a property drop-down) and if a quick refresh has not already occurred within the last 15 minutes.

As seen in the attached image, the quick refresh relies on a simple check which determines when the last refresh occurred.
If the last refresh occurred outside the automatic refresh interval, a quick refresh will be initiated.
The interval for this check can be adjusted via registry values.

More detailed information can be found via the link below:

 quickrefreshlogic.png (11.99 KB)
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