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How to see what has been shared publicly from a document vault
Posted by Will Lyles (M-Files) on 25 June 2019 07:37 PM

1     Overview

When using the 'Share Public Link' functionality within M-Files, vault administrators may need to keep track of which documents are currently being shared or have previously been shared with external parties. The following information will provide details for viewing which documents are currently being shared and by whom, as well as how to use the vault's event log to determine which documents have been shared and have since had their public links expire.

2     Solution

While all users can view which public links they have generated and shared, only users with certain vault permissions can view public links for all users. To view all shared public links, the vault user will need to have one of the permissions below:

  • See and read all vault content (including deleted objects)
  • Full control of vault

With these permissions, all currently shared public links can be viewed via the steps below:

  • Log into the vault via the desktop client
  • In the top-right of the client, select your username, then choose 'Shared Files (All Users)' from the drop-down
    *See attachment 'ViewSharedLinks.png' for illustration
  • With one of the permissions mentioned previously, you will now be able to view the shared links by all users.

The shared links from the attached image 'SharedLinks_List.png' have not yet expired. Once they do, they will be removed from this list. To view which documents have been shared publicly after the links have expired, you will need to use the vault's event log.

The link below provides more details regarding the event log.

When public links are created, accessed, deleted, or when they have expired, events such as the ones in the attached image 'SharedLinks_EventLog.png' will be found in the vault's event log.

Currently, it is not yet possible to filter the event log by event type. Due to this, it is recommended that the event log be exported to XML format where it can be filtered based on the event type, such as "Public link created". These events can then be archived and saved to a location of your choice for record keeping purposes.

More information regarding shared public links can be found via the link below:

 viewsharedlinks.png (6.04 KB)
 sharedlinks_list.png (8.47 KB)
 sharedlinks_eventlog.png (13.86 KB)
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