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Unspecified error during reporting data set export
Posted by Ville Karinen (M-Files) on 26 June 2019 03:21 PM

When exporting a reporting data set from M-Files, you may get an "Unspecified error". The full error stack (which is recorded in the M-Files server's Windows Event Viewer > Application log) looks like this:

M-Files 2018

Reporting and Data Export

Vault: Sample Vault {C840BE1A-5B47-4AC0-8EF7-835C166C8E24}

Unspecified error.

Scheduler.cpp, 155, Unspecified error. (0x80004005)

TaskItf.cpp, 81, Unspecified error. (0x80004005)

TaskItf.h, 146, Unspecified error. (0x80004005)

DatasetExport.cpp, 514, Unspecified error. (0x80004005)

OLEDBStorageProvider.cpp, 176, Unspecified error. (0x80004005)

OLEDBStorageProvider.cpp, 1452, Unspecified error. (0x80004005)

OLEDBStorageProvider.cpp, 1560, Unspecified error. (0x80004005)

(M-Files 19.2.7378.4)

The usual cause of this error:

  • When an export job is running, a table called "_ExportInProgress" is added to the target database. This table is removed when the export job finishes.
  • If an export job is terminated before it finishes running, the "_ExportInProgress" table remains in the target database. The presence of this table prevents M-Files from writing another export into the same database.
  • This situation might occur, for example, due to a network outage during the export or due to admin actions that cause the export to terminate forcefully.

To fix the unspecified error:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Expand the target database where the reporting data set is exported to.
  3. Delete the table called "_ExportInProgress".
  4. Restart the export from M-Files Admin.

If this does not solve the issue, please contact M-Files Support (

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