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Frequently Asked Questions
External SQL Data with Chinese Characters
Posted by Chuyen Tran (M-Files) on 27 June 2019 11:43 PM

1     Overview / Work Notes

Using data from a SQL database that contains Chinese characters as source for an M-Files object or a value list can cause issues with the data being formatted as question marks instead of the actual string values. Even the case would be that query in SQL Server Management Studio verifies the data is good the data gets formatted wrong in M-Files.

2     Solution / Workaround

This may be due to the database being set to Chinese as the primary language and/or SQL database is using Chinese_PRC_90_CI_AS as its charset. Casting the selection to nvarchar fixes the issue on M-Files side.

For example, SELECT ID, Name from Table -> SELECT ID, CAST( Name as nvarchar) as Name from Table

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